Changelog 2015-01-29
• ONLINE, SHOWMEMBERS got some attention for moving forward with a single-line listing.
• PORTAL_ISLANDS saw a fix for the calendar. Saturday and Sunday colors are called from CSS. They are no longer inlined.
• A few items were removed (and noted as such) from some language files, as they are duplicates and already in GENERIC
• SEARCH saw a lot of love this time around.
• SHOWPROFILE got some groundwork done for social networking integrations. Very minor stuffs.
• VIEWMESSAGES got a fix for something non-showstopping that I introduced to 7.5.9. "S" smile

• A bit of language stuff was updated and some new lines were added.
• More cleanups of code. Removing trailing spaces a lot more unneeded "// end" comments.
• The delay between admin action pages went from 5 to 2 seconds.
• Removed rel="nofollow" links in posts if the post has our own url in it. Goofy SEO stuff.
• Linked inline images now have an ALT= and TITLE= description of "Linked Image"
• Removed the "Re: " from the last post subject. This works retroactively. Its only a display-tweak for now. This also frees-up some room for expanding the last post topic title by 4 additional chars.
• The separator in the page title has been changed from a pipe ("|") to a hyphen ("-"). The page title now displays as "This is an awesome topic - YourWebsiteSite dot com".
• On the user profile page, if a user had an Avatar, it would display as "true" size, sometimes pushing things out of its way. It's been fixed to keep a 100px MAX width. A few other minor adjustments on this page, too.
• URLS are now back to using hyphens ("-") instead of underscores ("_").
• Post title in the URL is now trimmed at 70 chars. The previous code trimmed to 30 chars, which are too short for humans to interpret if they are only getting the last few words of a topic, and are practically unusable for SEO. Free SEO *samples* for everyone!

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