Changelog 2015-08-28
• IPv6 support was added. The IPv6 displays still need some attention, but UBBT 7.6.0 is now good with it.
• SFS also received a ton of attention, including a solution for IPv6 addresses if your site has SFS turned on.
• The dashboard's news feed was fixed.
• Featured Member Island no longer displays the avatars with incorrect proportions.
• Portal is now just called "Portal" - rather than "Portal Page" or "Main Portal" or "Portal Index" or even "Main Portal Index Page"
• Forms are also now just called "Forums" - rather than "Forums List" or "List of Forum" or "Forums Index"
• Portal Islands are now just called "Portal Islands" - rather than "Portal Box" or "Portal Island Box"
• Removed a bunch of obsolete language entries. Confirmed as obsolete and unused. Both in User and in Admin sides.
• ADMIN received a lot more polish. Entry boxes are now 100% width. Previous was 98%. In UBBT75x series, they were fixed widths.
• Portal Settings page was cleaned up a lot and is straight forward and not confusing.
• MAILER was slightly updated to more clearly mention that the recipient should not reply to the email. More attention will come to the email formatting before 760 is released.
• Mail Thread and Notify Moderator pages have been rewritten. They now look pretty.
• Post "Edit Reason" had some additional formatting updates.
• SMARTY settings were updated to not double-up on spaces when removing html from txt.
• ADMIN Dashboard has a sprinkling of attention. This page is due for its face-lift very soon. Soon.
• The Preview section for EditPost and NewPost pages were fixed. No more large images leaking out, and pushing the page content around. Big thanks to Mark_S for finding and reporting this one!
• Updated lightbox from v2.7.1 to v2.8.1
• Updated jquery from v 1.11.0 to v2.4.1
• Cleaned and standardized a bunch more of the overall code formatting.
• Fixed some Chrome "wonkeyness" happening within the CP.

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