Changelog 2015-09-18
• "File Manager" is now "Attachment Manager."
• Attachment Manager display saw additional display tweaks.
• The pop-out window sizes for new/edit/reply post attachments are now consistent.
• "Moods" is now "Mood Emoticons."
• The Mood Emoticons selector has been fixed. It now opens in all browsers. The display is now also mobile friendly -- this will also get a nice responsive design layout update soon.
• Some "Forum Help" wording has been updated to reflect the recent section name updates.
• "Mocha" is a new style sheet and has been created for distribution as part of the UBB.threads package. A bit more tweaking and some case consistency corrections are needed before it can be considered complete. More templates are planned.
• "ubbcentral" style was also slightly tweaked.
• A few more language corrections have been done.

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