Changelog 2016-11-02
scripts/online.php, templates/online.tpl -Rewrote much of the Who's Online template.
• It now supports IPv6 and is mobile-friendly.
• The list of Search Spiders is only displayed to users who have "View IP Addresses" privileges.
• Users must be logged in to Registered User account to see the "Last Activity" time/date columns.
• Added a jump-list to the top for each of the WOL sections.
• Added IPv6 support. The following code has been merged to the upgrader scripts. Beta testers: To upgrade your databases manually, run the following code from your Control Panel > Database Tools | SQL Command window:

• Added IPv4 and IPv6 address lookup links.
• Added an INFO column within the Anonymous Guests section. If the user browsing your forums was referred from another website, within this column, you can hover your mouse over the " I " icon and view information regarding their browser's User Agent Strings (UAS) and the referring website/page. Click on the " I " icon to view that web page.
• Also within the Anonymous Guests INFO section, the referrals from the top 14 search engines (as of 2016Q4) will now be displayed. If a user was referred from an image search, the referral name will be listed in bold text.
• Added an INFO column within the Search Spiders section. If you've imported a list of spiders to your your forums (Control Panel > Display Settings > Primary | Who's Online Settings, Search Engine Agents), the spider will be listed here. You can Hover your mouse over the " I " icon and view information regarding that spider's User Agent Strings (UAS). Click on the " I " icon to search google for their full UAS. The name of the spider is also shown next to the " I " icon. Click the name to lookup that BOT on Google search.
• The Location column has been condensed and is now less-redundant.

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