Changelog 2016-08-16
• Forums List (mobile layout) now shows all information. Special attention to detail was placed on that "Teaser Forum" / "Private Topic" bits.
• Post List (mobile layout) also got further attention. For about a week, we were using a single column for displaying both replies and views. This has now been reverted back to two columns. It just looks cleaner by adding that bit of visual space to break up the bulky columns. We're also able to restore all of the column sorters, without using a complicated user interface that would have been needed if the columns remained merged.
• Forum List & Post List -Both pages are now fully mobile-friendly and display all of their important information on mobile-sized screens.
• Forum List & Post List -Fixed a few other rare display related issues issues.

The common.css received a lot more attention to fix lots of cross-browser quirks.
• Firefox will now display a broken-image icon if an image is missing.
• iOS will now display your buttons as you've designed them, rather than how Apple wants them to be displayed.
• Android 4.0 will now display the audio player controls for inlined media.
• Buttons that are disabled will no longer display a pointer when moused-over.
• Lists within posts are now indented correctly. Your external use of lists is unaffected.
• Fieldset boxes were cleaned up, and now have the same presentation across all current major browsers.
• BBcode for php, sql, html, css code no longer has additional padding at the top and bottom of their code boxes.
• Additional CSS was added to handle future implementation of mobile-views for the user My Stuff (Settings) pages.

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