Changelog 2017-01-03
• admin/movethreads,prunethreads -Updated the amount-per-process (chunk) from 20 to 100. This should account for more recent spec'd hardware. The original amount was used from 2006. The new process amount should be more than easily handled on any current PHP 5.3+ dedicated or shared hosting server, while still staying below max_execution time threshold defaults. This update should reduce the time for this process to complete.
• boardrules -Multiple minor layout corrections. Also used during the registration process.
• coppainsert -Updated the text template to replace "child" with "persons."
• registration -Fixed a long standing bug where if "Age Check" was enabled, new registrations would be processed, except the user would be sent back to the "Registration Entry" page again, instead of the login page.
• registration -Added display of forum "minimum age" notification to persons attempting to register, if Age Check is enabled, and based on the Minimum Age Required entry.
• registration -Removed mention of "children" within the registration language files, in place of the more preferred "persons" and "years old." Some forums cater to a 21+ community, where "child" may not be the correct term for under-age persons. A forum may cater to a 55+ community, where anyone 54 years and younger is... well, not exactly a child either. This update also carries over to where there is an age requirement for posting.
• registration -Replaced the Time Offset input box with a Time Zone drop-down list.
• editdisplay -Multiple layout updates and verbiage clarity.
• editdisplay,registration -Max number of Threads/Posts has been updated to a drop-down menu. This should reduce entry confusion, and improve mobile friendliness.
• left/right columns -Columns are now hidden for Login, Password Recovery, Registration.
• MyStuff pages -Avatar is now the same size as the one in the profile page. If the user does not have an avatar, a silhouette will be displayed. The left-menu is now a set width of 160px, instead of 15%. This resolves many display related issues. My Stuff now uses alt-2 as the background for the menu items. Now you can see these text items when your body background matched the color of the text (display fix). The left-menu now has a title header. This affects all 23 templates which use the "my stuff on left" menu list.
• pagenation -Removed the padding around the pagenation table. Buttons and pagenation now align correctly to the top/bottom of the surrounding cells.
• styles -All included stock styles have been updated once again, to reflect this minor display correction.
• copyrights -Updated from 2016 to 2017.

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