Changelog 2015-10-08
• New Style sheets have been added for a total of four new styles at this time; Mocha, Garden, Marshmallow, and Zen. Use the Style Selector at the bottom of this page to preview them right now on UBBDev.
• Style picker in Style Editor (admin), Style Selector (user preferences) and Footer now sorts alphabetically, regardless of character case.
• The Member Profile page received a really nice update. This will be completed before the next Snapshot release.
• Additional Portal Island display tweaks -- most notably for the Member Spotlight.
• Shout Box "[x]" size has been increased to something reasonable.
• Removed the left/right Island column fixed-percentage widths from the scripts and placed them in to CSS, since we are now responsive. Your island's data retains its set width on wide displays and the left/right columns are hidden on mobiles. Previously (in UBBT75x), any setting was over-written by an inlined "15%/100%/%15" column setting. The Island columns are now set to 250px wide, which can be customized within the style editor to whatever width you desire. Their min-width default is 150px.
• Some SEO cleanup of templates/post_side was inserted (mostly for GWT) Thanks to James Corthell (Gizmo) for catching this!
• Standard Text Editor had inlined HTML converted to CSS.
• Corrected a lot of the incorrect usage of "alt-2" where "alt-1" should have been used -- from UBBT75x series.

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