2016-08-23 - Catching up to a list of reported issues from Dave Walters

Originally Posted by JAISP
In the Control Panel there are many clickable links throughout that when you click on the title or name it sends you to the corresponding box, radio button, check box, or drop down related to that function.

The following are not working either at all or properly.

» Control Panel » DB, Paths & URLs » Paths & URLs Tab
Full URL to Main Directory - Not working
• Fixed "Full URL to Main Directory"
• Fixed "Path to Mogrify"

Originally Posted by JAISP
» Control Panel » Display Settings » Primary Tab
Privacy Statement URL - Refers to the Privacy Statement Link selection box
Community Introduction Title - Refers to the Community Introduction Body input
• Fixed "Privacy Statement URL"
• Fixed "Community Introduction Body"

Originally Posted by JAISP
» Control Panel » Member Management » Add New User tab
Display Name - Not working
Login Name - Not working
Email Address - Not working
• Fixed "Display Name"
• Fixed "Login Name"
• Fixed "Email Address"

Originally Posted by JAISP
» Control Panel » Payments
Display Currency Amounts In - Not working
I think this was fixed way back when you first reported it. Thanks!

Originally Posted by JAISP
» Control Panel » Portal Settings
Exclude Popular Topics In These Forums - Not working
• Fixed "Exclude Popular Topics In These Forums"
• Fixed "Portal Cache Settings - Forum Stats"
• Fixed "Portal Cache Settings - Who's Online"
• Fixed "Portal Cache Settings - Popular Topics"
• Fixed "Portal Cache Settings - Public Calendar"
• Fixed "Portal Cache Settings - Top Posters (All Time)"
• Fixed "Portal Cache Settings - Top Posters (30 Days)"

Originally Posted by JAISP
» Control Panel » Permission Checks
gallery/index.html/full - Not expanding (Not sure this is an actual bug)
gallery/index.html/medium - Not expanding (Not sure this is an actual bug)
gallery/index.html/thumbs - Not expanding (Not sure this is an actual bug)
• Control Panel > Permission Checks -This page now alphabetically sorts the initial directories. Directories with a single index.html file within them, are interpreted correctly. The report for each directory has a cleaner presentation by including column headers and bolding the "Directory Check" item. Note: The sorting of the file listing within each directory check may seem like its displayed within no particular order. This sequence is actually based on file placement on your server's drive.

Huge thanks to Dave Walters for catching these and reporting them!


Before/After attached screenshots

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