Changelog 2016-12-11
• mailer -Patched a potential security issue regarding attached files/images.
• mailer -Attachments are now listed by their file name, and are listed in chronological order.
• mailer -Removed inlined image attachments, since the email recipient may not have access to the images in certain scenarios (ie; Email this thread). All attachments now go through the internal UBB.threads attachment manager. This rule now allows the attachment's download counter to update with each legitimate attachment download.
• User Editor -Rearranged this section to match its counterpart in the user-side "Edit Profile" and "Preferences" pages. The items are now sorted and placed within the correct sections. They also now use the same terminology.
• User Editor -If you've setup "Custom Fields," they will be displayed only if the user has any data entered within those fields. The information will be preceded by a "Custom 1:", "Custom 2:"...etc, to "Custom 5:"
• Registration Settings -All items now use the same terminology as the User Editor and Preference pages on Member and Admin sections.
• User Editor -Fixed a longstanding UBB.threads 7.5.x bug of when a user is edited, their setting for "Primate Message Email Notifications" would be turned off.
• User Editor -All Email settings are now displayed within the User Editor. An admin can toggle these on/off without needing to use the "Become User" tool.
• preferences -Moved all Email settings to a single page within the "Email and Private Message Preferences" section. Turning off all emails from the forum can now easily be done, and instructions to the end user dont need to list multiple pages and multiple sections. The Yes/No for each of these options are now also in the correct order.
• showflat -Spoilers are now displayed as a single clickable button (instead of a BBCode box) which will expend to show the hidden text.
• activetopics,searchresults,mail -Spoiler items are now displayed as just text, "[HIDDEN SPOILER CONTENT]". This resolves the obvious issue of javascript not being available/called in email readers. This also solves spoilers from inadvertently being displayed within searches and active topics lists.

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