Changelog 2016-08-24
• ShowProfile -Now displays a calculated "Posts Per Day."
• ShowProfile -Fixed the Group Images (Profile Badges) display when a user has more than one Group Image.
• ShowProfile -The User Rating drop-down section is now hidden from unregistered users. Registered users cannot rate themselves, so no rating options will be shown while viewing their own profiles either.
• ShowProfile -User Rating drop-down lists now defaults to a blank rating when nothing is selected. It previously defaulted to just "1 Star." This drop-down list is also now sorted in a natural descending order.

The Member Rating selector is found right under the "About" section, as floating options, just as the buttons above the signature line does. The Total Rating given by the public, is displayed in the top-right of the "Profile for Member #" bar. All ratings are in graphical stars now. And the hover-over tells how many public rates were given to get that total star-score.

The Member Profile page has been greatly improved from 7.5.x series. It's packed full of information, and I believe it is not too busy to be overwhelming.

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