Changelog 2016-09-02
• Style Editor -The post navigation buttons can now be styled interdependently of the other buttons.
• Style Editor -Added entries for the newly added ".major-button" and the ".post-nav" styles.
• Style Editor -Option has been added for customizing buttons when they are hovered over. This affects the ".form-button" and ".post-buttons"
• Style Editor -Stock items found within the Extras section are now listed next to their proper section name.
• Style Editor -The detection routine has been updated with the recent style additions. The detection routine has also been further optimized.
• Style Editor -General Properties section is now more useful when you have left or right columns enabled. You can use the preview to assist in configuring your forum body column to preview that everything lines up and is presented as desired.
• Island-Calendar -Fixed the display of the day's initials on the Calendar Island when also viewing the main Calendar page. There was a long-standing bug from 7.5 series where languages/general used the same strings as /languages/calendar, thus, the calendar.php strings would display on the column islands instead of their intended general.php language strings. Big thanks to Dave Walters for reporting this!

NOTE: Styles have been updated once again, to include the new styles in to their proper locations. For easier updates of your custom styles, I recommend at least just importing (using the Style Editor) the "ubbcentral.txt" style from the most current snapshot you're installing, and using that as a reference for any new style updates that are mentioned. You can rename the style from the "Name, Images & Wrapper" properties section before pressing that "Update or Add Style" button at the bottom of the page.


If needed, here is a simple template to help style your post-navigation buttons for your custom styles.

background: #fafafa;
border-bottom:1px solid #cccccc;
box-shadow: inset 0 -6px 8px -7px #e0e0e0;


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