Changelog 2016-11-04
The Attachment Manager received another interface upgrade.
• filemanager -Reduced the steps required to attach a file. Instead of clicking a system OS "Browse" button and then an "Upload File" button, the end user now only needs to click on your forum's custom styled "Select A File To Attach" button.
• filemanager -If no files are attached, a "Cancel" button is displayed. If one or more files are attached, a "Done" button is displayed.
• filemanager -The maximum file size and maximum number of allowed attachments is now more clear.
• filemanager -The current number of files the user has already attached is now displayed.
• filemanager -If a file has a caption, it will clearly be displayed in the list, right under the file.
• filemanager -File captions were previously truncated to just 255 characters, giving the end user no indication that they exceeded that limit. Now the File Caption box will stop allowing entry once the 255 character threshold has been met.
See attached screenshots

Attached Files 20161104_00-28-24.PNG20161104_00-30-25.PNG

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