Changelog 2016-07-06
• ViewMessage - "Remove Myself From This Conversation" button is now working as expected.
• Active Threads - This page is now mobile friendly.
• My Stuff - This drop-down menu has been cleaned up and now has section breaks. See attached screenshot.
• My Stuff - Every section within this menu has been scrutinized to display correctly, including lots of layout adjustments.
• common.css - font-weight has been updated to "700" from "bold"
• common.css - "op5" has been added to replace opacity:0.5; styles within the templates.
• /languages - Obsolete language items have been removed from the language files.
• /install/styles - All of the pre-installed styles have been re-generated. (.body:line-height 140%, .small:removed font-weight)
• several other script fixes and layout corrections.

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