Another progress report so soon? The last one was just three days ago! -- This one implements a feature many of you have been asking for; A mobile friendly forum.

This progress report will be real short and to the point. Lets dive in for a minute to see what some of those changes were.

Changelog 2015-04-13
• EDITSTYLE -Fixed the Style Editor tool to finally display the edit boxes properly.

• CHANGEBASIC, EDITBASIC, SHOWPROFILE -Added some strings to accommodate the inclusion of Social Networking profiles within your Member Profile page.
• GENERIC -Updated the CAPTCHA image verification instructions to improve clarity.

• POSTLIST -Moved the pagination/multi-page indicators to the same line as the topic. Relocated its related formatting from the scripts and placed it within the template file.

• HEADER -Adjusted code needed for displaying forums on mobile devices. Consolidated a few lines.
• HEADER -Fixed the $breadcrumb and $welcome title bar display. The $welcome string no longer hogs a whole line to itself when the $breadcrumb is very long.
• MULTIPLE -Added the major code needed to be able to display UBB.threads on mobile devices. Several pages saw a sprinkling of the strings required to make it all work. This will be complete for all pages requiring it, for the release of 7.6.0.
• SHOWFLAT -To give more room to the content of a post, POST_SIDE when viewed from a mobile device displays as a simplified POST_TOP. The author information is moved from the side and placed on the top of their post.
• QUICKREPLY -This has been cleaned up and the Post Options and CAPTCHA elements have been reorganized to play well with mobile devices while also being brought up to a modern presentation.
• MULTIPLE -More code and CSS formatting optimizations.

This is the second build in a row where new features have been added, while the archive size has been reduced. Cheers!

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