Changelog 2016-09-04
• Style Editor -Removed .post_top_link customization class, since it is no longer needed. Thanks to James Corthell for reporting this!
• MemberSearch -Fixed searching when member display names contained special characters. Thanks to Dave Walters for reporting this!
• Admin -This one was a huge update! The Admin section was visually scrutinized for things that looked out of place. Every single page was updated. 99% of all inlined HTML has been converted to CSS. The CSS has been sorted and optimized -- the archive size is actually smaller, because of it.
• Styles -All the styles received some further updates. For each, the buttons are now pretty, even in the markup editor. Lots of updates even to the UBBCentral Style. (OT: Lime is now my current favorite.)

Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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