This is a major update. Lots of language strings have been updated. FA is more deeply integrated. CP pages are cleaned up further.

Changelog 2016-06-27
• Drop-down menus no longer display list items with text-decoration (underlines), regardless of your style using them.
• Username Drop-down menus (Posts and Private Messages) now display FA icons next to each action.
• Users with "Edit User" permissions can now edit users directly from Private Message, via the dropdown list.
• Control Panel > Admin Log has some display format updates to support IPv6 addresses.
• Control Panel > Admin Log went through HTML validation & fixes. All actions are confirmed working as intended.
• Updated Email Notification Subject layout.
• Expandys has been completely rewritten.
• Moved the Expandys JavaScript out of jslib, and in to its own expandys.js file. It will only be called when its needed -- User Forums: once, in the "Forum Help". Control Panel: 11 files.
• Expandys in "Forum Help" and "Control Panel" now expand elegantly. UBBT is also now using FA for the expansion icons, rather than the classic [+] and [-] strings.
• Forum Help -If the forum admins have not setup their Forum Rules, the end user is told this. If the file exists, it is displayed to the user, as it always has been.

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