Changelog 2016-11-05
• printthread -Fixed a bug where inlined images were being called from a hard-coded URL, rather than what your forum settings was configured to.
edit: Being completely thorough on this one. Originally for 760, I had hard-coded for UBB.threads 6.x forum upgraders, assuming they always used a new attachments directory for their UBB.threads 7.x install. Since this was not always the case, it remained a trivial bit of coding since all of UBB.threads 7.x. This has since been corrected in version UBB.threads 7.6.
** If you upgraded from UBB.threads 6.x and used a new attachments directory for your UBB.threads 7.x install, you need to manually edit your script to represent your UBB.threads 6.x (versions prior to July 20, 2006) attachments directory. The current setting is "/ubbthreads/attach/". Read the directions in the file and toggle the commented sections.
** If you had upgraded from UBB.threads 6.x and kept the same attachments directory, you can keep the file as is. Nothing further needs to be done.

• filemanager -The Attachment Manager now displays a thumbnail of the attached file if it is an image. If the attached file is not an image, the file type will be displayed. This update replaces the "cryptic" FILE_ID number column.
See attached screenshot

Attached Files 20161105_19-52-37.PNG

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