Its been a bit over a week since the last progress report. A lot has gone in to this bit of progress, most notably though, is all the attention which the admin Control Panel has been given. There were also some bug fixes and a few minor additions. Lets dig right in and see what those changes were.

Changelog 2015-02-21
• The Control Panel has received it's first face-lift since several years! Rather than using dark washed out colors, the control panel has been cleaned up and now uses a modern blue/ingigo/white color scheme.
• ADMINMENU -The left column has been sorted appropriately to allow admins to locate desired settings with much more ease. Each section is now sorted with feature hierarchy in mind.
• MULTIPLE SCRIPTS/TEMPLATES -A lot of display formatting is no longer inlined, and has been moved in to admin.css.
• DASHBOARD -The "Home" page has been renamed to "Dashboard."
• DASHBOARD -Dashboard received a bit of house cleaning. "Users Awaiting Approval", "Display Name Change Requests", and "Posts Awaiting Approval" are now always displayed and their counts are listed next to each item in their own column.
• DASHBOARD -"Latest Announcements for UBB.threadsâ„¢" was renamed to "UBB.threads News & Announcements" and now pulls its data from the RSS feed. Hat tip to James Corthell (Gizmo) for this chunk of code! The display is now also spaced correctly - no more 50% column width for a very short time/date column.
• MULTIPLE -"Options" has been renamed to "Settings"
• MULTIPLE -"Board" has been renamed to "Forum"
• MULTIPLE -Setting titles have been standardized. Trailing colons, question marks, periods for each setting title have been removed and their names are now in Title-Case.
• MULTIPLE -Items within columns that used to split and wrap at strange places, now wrap after each individual item is complete. For example, Display Settings > Styles > Manage/Export column items.
• MASTER SETTINGS, DISPLAY SETTINGS -If appropriate, descriptions of what each setting does, now has an example of what should be entered. No more guessing if "Path" means "Server Path" or "URL Path." Other notable descriptive examples include what's expected to be entered in the "General > HTML Includes" boxes. They are also now presented in the correct order -- as a live HTML file would present them.
• LANGUAGE EDITOR -htaccess is no longer displayed as a language option if it is found within the languages directory.
• LANGUAGE EDITOR, TEMPLATE EDITOR -The editor is no longer a set width. It is now a percentage size of your browser's width -- It's larger, so you can actually see what you're doing.
• IMAGES/ICONS -This whole group has received a lot of attention. Each page looks presentable and not as if it was slapped-together just to get it done.
• FOOTER -Received a bit more attention. Pipes are gone and items are now separated by middots. The admin footer will probably see a bit more adjusting before a public release.
• HEADER -Page title was "COMMUNITY_TITLE -> Control Panel -> $pagetitle" has been updated to display as "$pagetitle - COMMUNITY_TITLE Control Panel"
• FORUMPERMS -The Expandy now displays with the correct style when you hover over it.
• MEMBERMANAGE -The Registration Queue page now matches all other admin pages. No more small font. The StopForumSpam items have also been given a cleaner display, to match the CP's new style.
• MULTIPLE -All submit buttons are now styled within the admin.css

• STOP FORUM SPAM -It is now checked at every login. Previously it was only checked during account creation.
• CACHE_BUILDERS, ALL SCRIPTS -Stock cache builders and all items within the scripts directory received a new header. And the security check has been updated to reflect that of the rest of UBB.threads.
• RSS FEEDS -In 7.5.9, I introduced a show-stopping bug when updating the headers of the MYFEEDS.tmpl and RSS_XML.tmpl files. Sorry about that. It's been corrected in this release. Also, a long standing bug (introduced in 7.5.3 as a feature) relating to feed encoding has been squashed. [INSERT LINK HERE] <-- I need to edit this to add a link to this 7.5.9 fix.
• SHARAHOLIC -Sharaholic has been added to more locations; Active Topics, Categories/Forums List, Portal, Post Listing.
• POSTLIST -A whole row section was redundant -- duplicated in the column headers. It's been removed. More work on removing its related items is planned.
• ACTIVETOPICS -This page saw a bit more attention. Small tweaks to it's display.
• CHANGEMOOD -As a simple fix for forums that use a lot of mood icons, A scroll bar is now added to the window.

At this point, it should go without saying that additional code optimizations and comment/code cleanup throughout all files. And more inlined elements from legacy releases have been moved to CSS.

Preview screenshots of that control panel update mentioned above:

Control Panel -
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Settings explanations and Entry Box examples -
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