Personally, i'm enjoying 7.1 ever so much.

My Journey has been a rough one but glad that i'm hear now.

Classic -- >> Threads

Web host would not allow a mysql of +100mb
So i had to leave and get my own dedicated server.

Luckly enough i have a friend in the industry
and pointed me in the right direction and helped
me set it up and get it on line.

As a complete nooobie at this, it was grey hair
and frustration at levels i hadnt experienced before.
But it eventually got easier.

Classic --->> to new server smile
Classic --->> to threads smile

And now almost 6 months down the line, i'm so happy
with everything now, and help from friends and the
occasional Gizmo and Rick.

I'm there and proud of it.
So you can see, i have personally been to hell and back
to keep within the ubb frame work.

But glad i'm hear....

As battery dies on laptop, and my little story
comes to an end.

Got board for the first time this week and its only Monday lol

BOOM !! Version v7.6.1.1
People who inspire me Isaac ME Gizmo