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Outstanding! Been there done that! Love it! laugh
(Dry suit or wet suit emergency?)
It was a Dry suit with all the gear on underneath (Overalls - Trainers Life jacket and a EBS (Emergency Breathing system) which just confused the issue lol.

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Welcome back, Mark! I'm glad you didn't drown. smile
Me Too smile Thanks kiss kiss

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welcome home cupcake wink.... :purrs:

:falls over backwards:
Same to you too Dumpling lol

Next is a Offshore Medical on Tuesday to tell me i'm unfit for $160 lol And then finally one more course in 2 weeks for a week just to make sure i know what a Rig is lol...

Then send off my CV to anyone and everyone lol
and then wait, for a nibble.

BOOM !! Version v7.6.1.1
People who inspire me Isaac ME Gizmo