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pmsl at your signature,


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It is pure entertainment the banter between you both.

He makes a good setup man because it's totally not planned and totally honest.

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I don't know the history but its funny as hell.

It just kind of evolved. We've both been around a long time. I was reminded that I've been with the company a day or two over 7 years now and was involved with the company for a fair while before that. Allen's been here pretty near as long and Gizzy's an old vet too. We've spent a lot of time bantering during that time. It helps that I think really highly of Allen having met him in person, and Gizzy too.

And of course Rick. We see each other regularly and get along great. There's a lot of trust that makes this all go and makes it as fun as it is.

Personally, I'm glad that someone sees it. I'm going to take it as a compliment to all of us.

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Welcome back Dave,

Thanks. I wasn't gone smile Threads is no longer among my responsibilities, as a result I don't get to check in very often. My familiarity with threads's guts and gizzards is not what it was and because of that I don't get to post as much help as I'd like. I'm still in and out though less so, but sometimes I don't find something that I can post on.

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your most welcome any time smile

Thanks, and well appreciated, but indeed YOU all are OUR guests and YOU all are most welcome to our place. smile

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