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Oh where oh where has Mark been? Do we have to write a poem for him now?
Why thanks peeps? The Rap was sweet.

Back now and Alive wink
Ive been on a Offshore Survival Course.
Where you have to escape from a mock up Helicopter Underwater Upside down :omg:

Also a bit of Fire Fighting and Breathing Apparatus stuff.
Playing i'm in a life raft, and launching and recovering life boats, and lots of class room and video's.
All good fun wink

Why ?
Hopefully i can get some work offshore - North Sea / Norway
and you cant even get off the ground without the certificate.
I took the + Norwegian (5 Day) as its recognised globally.

What ive learned is that if my ass ends up in the
north sea i may as well kiss it goodbye.

So now i have returned to the best part of 2,000 e-mails
between these forums and my own. So i'm playing catch up.
I will be back to full strength again soon wink

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