Originally Posted by Mark S
dirv - This thread will never die as long there is a Gizmo.

Originally Posted by Mark S
Pull yu pants up then lol...

Originally Posted by Rose
Ian, here's a great "feel better" recipe for the flu.

- Juice from about 3 or 4 lemons
- Couple of tablespoons of honey
- Two asprin crushed up
- A shot of whiskey
- Top it all up with hot water in a big glass

It doesn't cure it, but it'll make you feel better for a bit. It'll help with the 44 Magnum thoughts anyway. smile
Some tea with a lot of sugar will do much the same thing wink... It's the lliquor, sugar and vitamen C wink... Though too much liquor and sugar will give you one hell of a hangover...

Originally Posted by Ian
isn't mooning an offence at work?

Sunning isn't half bad either wink...

Originally Posted by Mark S
Originally Posted by Rose
How do you moon "properly"? smile

Now that is something i have seen woman do lol

Originally Posted by Ian
Page 8 wink
#70 of #73 lol...

Originally Posted by Rick
Breaking News:

A judge orders Paris Hilton back to jail, CNN confirms. She was taken from court screaming, The Associated Press reports
wonder how long she'll stay this time...

Originally Posted by Mark S
Gizmo's on board lol
:flex: and i'm already back!

Originally Posted by Mors
Originally Posted by Mark S
Shuttle Launch in about 30 mins


Gizmo's on board lol

LOL poor Gizmo .. he must feel like the world has ended. His servers have been down for weeks not it seems smile I bet he is having convulsions right now..

Gizzy we feel for ya brother smile
still shaking in a corner...

Originally Posted by Mark S
"Gizmo fasten your seat belt and stop messing around"
you heard all taht? wink...

Originally Posted by Rose
Not a lot of us apparently. I believe less than 100,00. smile
I <3 aussies...

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