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LOL!! Now THAT was funny. He's just excitable. smile

Thanks Mark. laugh

BTW - I had a look at your site last night. You have a pretty good community there. A good fun site by the looks. smile

Thanks, trust me if you could see my hidden forum
you wouldnt be saying that, i think i can say with confidence
ive been to hell and back..

One of the down sides of being a local community.
But its really settled down now and were coming together again.
Need to get my advertising sorted but i'm a good 6 months
away from advertising to local businesses.

I have 75 web site to point back at it lol...

i like your navigation bar on the left rose, pretty neat.
Looks really tidy and i like that wink

Thanks for your kind comments smile

Gizmo / Ian i'm not hitting on Rose, i'm being nice !

BOOM !! Version v7.6.1.1
People who inspire me Isaac ME Gizmo